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Nova Scotia School Boards Association Responds to Education Reform Act

Halifax, NS - On Thursday, March 1, 2018 the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development held a briefing session to discuss the Education Reform Act, dissolving the seven English school boards in Nova Scotia effective March 31, 2018. This legislation is being introduced immediately.

"We remain concerned about the loss of regional elected voices for students and communities across the province," said Hank Middleton, President, Nova Scotia School Boards Association. "Today a piece of legislation has been introduced to effectively remove a level of democratic representation for the people of Nova Scotia who were dedicated to public education and the success of our students. It's a sad day."

The legislation removes the seven English governing school boards, but the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development has indicated a new piece of legislation will protect the governing role of the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial. "We appreciate the Minister's understanding of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for minority groups to have a voice in the delivery of education," said Mr. Middleton. "However, this does nothing to help the English speaking students, families and communities in having access to an elected body of decision makers in education."

Governing school board members across the province remain committed to education and supporting communities through the transition. "Board members care about students and education. At the end of the day, that is why we are all here," said Mr. Middleton. "We do not want to see further disruption in the education system as we know that harms students."

Governing school boards in Nova Scotia are responsible for holding the education system accountable, providing community input, discussing, debating and approving policy, and ensuring the education system is serving the needs of local communities and students. "We are losing elected positions representing African Nova Scotian communities, and appointed positions for Mi'kmaq representatives," said Mr. Middleton. "With their fellow board members, these individuals sat at decision making tables, not advisory tables, where collectively we could make a positive impact on education for our students. Regional representation addresses the fact that what works in Halifax may not work in Digby, or Sydney, or Annapolis. This local decision-making and oversight ability is being stripped away with the dissolution of governing school boards."

The NSSBA published a written response to the report and recommendations by Avis Glaze, specifically calling to attention concerns around the review process and aspects of the mandate that were not thoroughly addressed. This can be found online at


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