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Letter from NSSBA President Sue Ritchie regarding the Auditor General's report

School boards working to improve governance

School boards across the province were watching and waiting for the Auditor General to release his report on Halifax, Strait and Chignecto-Central Regional School Boards. While the audit focused on these three boards, everyone knew the recommendations would have implications for all eight school boards in Nova Scotia. As the organization that serves governing school boards, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association was also anxious to see the results of the audits.


NSSBA offers Self-Assessment Materials for Boards

During a multi-day professional development session for school board members across the province, the NSSBA introduced self-assessment materials for Nova Scotia school boards. 

Over the past few months the Self-Assessment and Professional Development Steering Committee has been working on a number of materials for school board members. The first two materials to be introuduced were Nova Scotia School Board Self-Assessment and Nova Scotia School Board Legislation Self-Assessment. 

School boards across Nova Scotia are encouraged to discuss the materials at their board tables, and determine how they would like to make use of the tools. Below are the materials in PDF format. If you have any questions about the materials, please contact the NSSBA at 902-491-2888

Nova Scotia School Board Self-Assessment

Nova Scotia School Board Legislation Self-Assessment