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2016 Montgomery Award Recipient

IMG 5131 resizedThe NSSBA Montgomery Award was established to honour the founder of the Association, Hector Montgomery. Each year this award to presented to a school board member to recognize outstanding board member service. The selection committee includes professionals from a variety of different backgrounds outside of the education community.

This year’s recipient of the Montgomery Award is Sue Ritchie from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. Sue is currently serving her second term as NSSBA President, is the Vice Chair of the AVRSB and sits on a number of committees in her board, provincially and nationally.

For the past six years Sue has served as Vice Chair of her board. In this role she has developed leadership skills and is well respected and trusted by her fellow school board members. Her board members describe Sue as a contemplative, and insightful collaborative team member.

Her committee work is extensive, serving on multiple school board committees, including Education, Operations, Suspension Appeal, Finance & Audit and Human Resources. Sue's passion, knowledge and understanding of school board business has made her a valuable committee member over the years.

Sue takes particular interest in alternate and experiential education opportunities for vulnerable youth. During tough financial times, Sue has acted as a champion for programs and initiatives serving these students.

When deliberating and making decisions, Sue keeps what is best for students top of mind at all times. She brings this approach to the provincial table in her role as President of the NSSBA, as well as an understanding of how governing boards can best serve students.

Sue has great respect and understanding of the governance role, and has contributed to professional development materials and initiatives at the provincial level to strengthen these roles.