Awards Program

NSSBA's awards program consists of three awards that are designed to acknowledge and pay tribute to school board members who demonstrate their commitment to students and their community. The awards include the School Board Member Long Service Award, the Montgomery Award, and the Education Week Partner Award.

The School Board Member Long Service Award

This award is given to long-time members who have dedicated their time to enhancing public education by becoming school board members and are passionate about the public school system. This award recognizes four levels of school board service:

Level 1: Three terms or ten years of service
Level 2: Fifteen years of service
Level 3: Twenty years of service
Level 4: Twenty-five years of service

The Montgomery Award

The Montgomery Award is named after the founder of the association, Hector Montgomery. NSSBA established this award, formerly known as the School Board Member of the Year Award, to recognize outstanding board member service. Every year, each of the eight school boards nominates a member for the Montgomery Award. Based on the nomination information, an independent panel selects the award recipient who is celebrated at NSSBA's Annual General Meeting.

The Education Week Partner Award

Every year we celebrate Education Week by recognizing teachers and school board members who have contributed significantly to student achievement. The Provincial Education Week Committee developed the Education Week Partner Award to pay tribute to partner representatives who make significant contributions to the lives of young people. Nominees are school board members who generously demonstrate this kind of contribution with an emphasis on that year's Education Week theme. The award is recognized during the annual Provincial Education Week Awards ceremony.