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NSSBA ANNUAL REPORT 2016-20178 MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT This has been an amazing year of growth for the NSSBA and I am excited to see the initiatives taken on by the Association continue to flourish. The opportunities for the NSSBA to assist boards across the province are extremely valuable and the feedback received from boards on recent initiatives continues to shape the professional development and services being offered. It has been a busy year filled with engagement with partners across the province and the country. I have had many opportunities to meet with others who share a passion for education and ensuring students are given every opportunity to find their path to success. Many of the initiatives that I have worked on this year speak to the focus of the NSSBA on supporting member boards. We began this year with work on a self-assessment program for member boards which resulted in nine resources each focused on a different element of school board governance. We hope these resources will help boards gain a better understanding of where their strengths lie and how to provide the best service to their region. Another project in which I was involved this year was the Transition Task Force. This group was composed of the Deputy Ministers of Education and Early Childhood Development and Labour and Advanced Education along with representatives from the education and business sectors. The final report includes recommendations for moving forward in helping Nova Scotian youth transition successfully from school to post-secondary education training and the workforce. The By-law Review Committee offered an opportunity to examine how the NSSBA functions and ensure that the Association is operating in accordance to its by-laws. It was a lengthy process but valuable for defining the NSSBAs practices in future years. Most of all this year has stood out as a year full of cooperation and new initiatives. It is exciting to watch the hard work of committee members take flight and there is a bright future of projects to come for 2016-2017. Finally I would like to thank my fellow Board of Directors the NSSBA staff and the entire membership for their support in my role as President for the last two years. It has been wonderful to work with so many dedicated people to strengthen the Association and provide the services and supports our member boards are asking for. I am especially pleased with how confident our members are in the work being done by the Board of Directors and the staff. It has also been a pleasure to serve on the Canadian School Boards Association during my time as President and I look forward to continuing to watch their growth. I am pleased to continue as a member of the Executive in the role of Past-President. There are many exciting initiatives ongoing and I know we are poised for success. We have an association that strengthens partnerships and advocates for resources to help the youth of Nova Scotia and this is something to be proud of.