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NSSBA ANNUAL REPORT 2016-20174 Founded in 1954 Nova Scotia School Boards Association NSSBA is the provincial voice for school boards across the province. NSSBA engages with its members and partners to raise awareness of public education in our province while helping students achieve their potential. All of the services offered by NSSBA are designed to enhance the effectiveness of ABOUT US Past Presidents and Life Members Ann Corkum Greg Murphy Ron Lane Dan Munroe James Mitchell Paula Montgomery Kathy Rothwell Rosco Handspiker Doug Marshall Reid MacVicar Sandra Everett Mary Jess MacDonald Lavinia Parrish-Zwicker Marg Forbes Pat Smith Elliot Payzant Ronald G. Marks Vic Fleury Jamie Stevens VISION NSSBA is dedicated to excellence in public education. MISSION Our focus is to achieve continuous improvement for the public education system. VALUES Honorary Life Members Gerald McCarthy Lloyd Gillis Marilyn Large Michael Woodford Stan Surette Frank Barteaux Ken Meech its eight member school boards. NSSBA facilitates an Employees Benefit Plan and Pension Plan for non-teaching employees of Nova Scotia school boards. We also assist in the development and effectiveness of school boards through training opportunities strategic initiatives and professional development programs. We believe in the principle of accountability in public education. We believe all students are entitled to an equitable education. We believe that public education must meet the diversity of student learning needs. We believe in working together towards equity for all students.