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NSSBA ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2017 13 INSPIRING COMMUNITIES Across the province dedicated individuals from many sectors are working to improve outcomes for children youth and their communities. Every Nova Scotian should expect to live healthy and safe lives and have supports available when they need them. Yet despite our best efforts communities across the province continue to struggle in isolation of one another behind barriers established by complex social problems that limit our full potential. No single government organization entity or individual can address these complex issues alone. Collective action is needed. Inspiring Communities is a new province wide initiative established to improve key social outcomes for children youth and their families through shared action and collective impact. The initiative is led through a partnership between the NSSBA and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in NEW PROJECTS collaboration with the provincial departments of Community Services Justice Labour and Advanced Education Seniors and Health and Wellness. Inspiring Communities embraces the latest in social innovation research and best practices to bring partners together in structured ways to achieve social change and improved outcomes. This initiative will facilitate common agendas for solving complex social problems and support united action and aligned approaches. Along with partners we will establish frameworks which invites participants and community members to identify solutions while using robust data to measure shared outcomes and progress. For more information on the initiative contact Rene Ross at