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NSSBA ANNUAL REPORT 2016-201712 NEW PROJECTS SCHOOL BUS RED LIGHT VIOLATIONS At the 2015 NSSBA Annual General Meeting the Tri-County Regional School Board raised the issue of school bus red light violations with a resolution calling for action to be taken on this very serious concern. Since then the NSSBA has worked with multiple partners to raise awareness with the public and government on school bus red light violations. This partnership has resulted in the NSSBA taking an active role in School Bus Safety Week with Safety Services Nova Scotia and in working provincially to gather data and engage media. Through school board transportation staff the NSSBA was able to report that over 1100 school bus red light violations have taken place across the province from September to March. These numbers received significant media attention and the public discussion continues. Work is also being done with the RCMP and local law enforcement to catch motorists who pass stopped school buses. This work has been supported by the NSSBA Communications Committee and continues to be a priority for the Association. 2016 SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS The NSSBA has been working with the Departments of Education and Early Childhood Development and Municipal Affairs on the 2016 School Board Elections. The goal of the NSSBA and the Communications Committee is to increase overall public engagement in school board elections by increasing communication and promotion. A website has been developed along with the information materials for school board candidates. A communications strategy to connect specifically with voters and increase clarity around voter eligibility has been created. This has been a major project for the NSSBA as we work to increase visibility of school boards and inform the public of the important role governing school boards play in Nova Scotia.